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Default Searching subsim- alternative method

I know there are those who already know this, so forgive me if this is old news for you. But for those who don't-

Ever get frustrated with your search results on subsim? Because you are basically using a database query engine, it's difficult to narrow things down.

So here's an alternative:

Go to Google
Click on advanced search.
In here you can tell google to only search subsim. Here's a pic

You have lots of options for entering terms you are searching for.

I've used this and it even returns results from the archives!

If you get too many results, go to the bottom of the page, and click on the Search within results link. You can use this feature several times in a row to keep narrowing your results.

Anyway- there's your alternative when the site search won't seem to give you what you need.

Good hunting... err I mean searching
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