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A message from the Silent Hunter IV Dev Team

A message from the Silent Hunter IV Dev Team:

“We are working hard to correct the bugs discovered by the community or the testing team. Already patch v1.1 corrects many of the issues, and we’re at work on the next one. We have strong hopes it will include both Anti-Aliasing and a fix for the issues experienced when running the game in very high resolutions.

However, some issues pointed out, like for example the 2D appearance of crewmembers, the random counting by the crew or the eyes popping out from the men’s heads are actually part of the protection scheme. Playing a cracked version of the game or even using a no-cd crack over a legal install of SH4 game triggers this protection.

Obviously, running a legit version of the game should not produce these problems. Since we have found at least one documented case where such behavior was experienced by the owner of an actual copy of the game, we have contacted the company producing the protection used by the game.

We will track down the issue and sort it out. In the interest of helping us do so, please post here if you are seeing these issues, while running a legit version of the game."

Thank you,
The SHIV dev team

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Updated 30 March

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