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I've come across something I can only assume is a bug.

I'm just doing a patrol mission in the Atlantic, right?

A lone Destroyer approaches from the west. I dive to let him pass but he doesn't. He stops dead about 10 km away and just sits there. So I go in for the free kill but as I move, he moves. I don't know how he detected me but he must have.

I go away from him as slowly, quietly and deep as I possibly can. But he follows. He doesn't engage. He's just stalking me.

There's no way he should be able to when I'm going at 0.5 knots 200m down.
But I guess they've somehow time-traveled and got some ASW equipment from 3017.

Anyway. I get frustrated and surface to maybe draw him in closer. But this guy keeps his distance. He just wont do ANYTHING.

So what's the problem then you might wonder? HE'S LIMITING MY TC TO X64 ARGGHH!

He's too far away for me to shoot at him with my deck gun. (I mean...not technically but practically.) So hurray. Loading a 2 hour old save because the game decided this would be a great time to overwrite that autosave... Oh well.
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