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Originally Posted by Cyborg322 View Post
Hi Muppetlord

Running into large convoys can be a bit of a lottery some areas are very bleak for good contacts is par for the course I'm afraid. The British Royal navy had 184 destroyers, 45 patrol vessels so if only 1% are within range you could expect trouble, historically speaking. I think the Game reflects this quite well .

Escorts chasing you down are a result of distress calls as you say but there are some things you can do to minimise risks.

Surface attacks leave you the most exposed not only by the Target ship spotting you early but also by the length of Engagement , thus giving Destroyers longer time to incept both the distress call and your sub. So get in good range and make every shot count. Sinking Fishing and Coastal boats can be risky and give little reward but can be tempting when you've had a long dry spell and get frustrated ( I've done it many times )

Its the same thing if your periscope is spotted so try to minimise its exposure time especially as you close in. So the Countdown clock starts from there.

Ships zig-zagging is an obvious sign that you have been detected so bare that in mind when choosing when to break away from engagement, then go full flank for a while then submerge and keep noise detection to a minimum all depending with all the above considerations in mind
Thank you!

I've gotten better over the last couple of days and I think what I was doing wrong was indeed just taking too long to sink ships and reveal myself before I had even fired the first shot/torp.

Have gotten a lot less intercepts lately. Even managed to sneak into Scapa flow, and as it happened, the HMS Ark Royal was sitting still by herself outside the "gates". So I sunk her and took off without a hitch.

Next time when in doubt you can just check the map and see if the country shows up as red (enemy).
Hmm. I don't see any marker as red. Or blue. They're all black for me. I'll look around in the settings. Probably just something I have to turn on.

Since I'm writing I might as well go ahead with a new question. So I've got the Enigma right? I learned how to use it and it's been working good so far.
But I just ran into a problem. It's 1940. But the encryption date reads 1939. And I can't go back earlier than January 1940 at the first stage when I'm supposed to get the cipher and encryption. I still tired as if the year didn't matter but it only resulted in gibberish.
Worth mentioning that my group number is 419 when entering the encryption date with 1940 instead. Which means I'm not in the Hydra sector/group/indicator or whatever. Which shouldn't be possible before 1941.

I also tried with the date that I received which is (obviously) 1940 but that didn't work. Didn't expect it to but it was worth a try..

I'm guessing I'm just missing something again. I've tried clicking everywhere it feels like. There's this little tag on the enigma machine that reads 1940 which I would very much like to read 1939 I suppose. Clicking that did nothing though. I'll keep looking. Won't unpause until I've solved this damned thing.

Edit: I guess I could solve it by starting a new game and decrypt it there... Might just do that if I can't find a solution.


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