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Icon14 LSH3 == Very nice MOD!

I finally got tired of all the problems in Silent Hunter 5 and decided to try LSH3 2015 for the past 2 weeks now and wow. It is so nice to run several missions without a single CTD.
The LSH3 gaming atmosphere is fantastic. I haven't even had one single "WTF" moment in the past 2 weeks except for a couple ships taking 24+ hours to sink.

I did replace a few RED lights with BLUE lights for the Type VII Interior (Hydrophone Room, Radio Room, Captains Bed, Dining Table, Over Attack and Navigation charts, Over Crew Management) so 7 blue lights total. I wanted to do the same in the Fore/Aft torpedo rooms but there is no Camera position for those rooms.

Halo_xx changes:
ParticleGenerator --> BitmapParticle --> [0] --> Color [6] --> [0] --> Color = 255, 153, 0 --> 5, 3, 225
Ambient Light changes for Control Room, Radio Room and Conning Tower: (Need 1 small BLUE Light over Attack Map in CT)
AmbientLightCR/RR/CT = 255, 255, 255 --> 225, 225, 225 to soften illumination.
InteriorLight - NightLightColor 106, 0, 0 --> 100, 30, 100 so blue lights illuminate their respective area's.
The lighting looks decent but I am sure the lights can be tweaked a little more.

Originally Posted by VikingGrandad View Post
I have found a potential bug to do with ship spawns: On patrol, March 19 1940, Grid AF78, I encountered 2 x US S-Class subs within a few miles of each other, heading east. Both boats had the US flag and were marked as enemies on the map (red sub target icon). I know the USN operated S-class boats in the Atlantic in WW2 , but it seems historically wrong/odd to have US Navy subs patrolling between Scotland and Norway before the USA even entered the war. And also any US subs should be classed as Neutral targets, not Enemy targets.
I just checked ~\data\Roster\DefSide.cfg and date settings look fine for America.
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