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Default Penang Fix For Eprobüngstelle Test Missions By crookedltool

Last updated 2nd April 2018
Penang Fix For Eprobüngstelle Test Missions

Thomsen’s Sound Pack fix for LSH3-2015
When you use the Sound Pack, the Eprobüngstelle test mission AO 83 has you based in Penang, but the deployment location is near the southern tip of Africa.
All you need to do to fix this is to remove (or rename / backup) the file en_menu.txt from the Sound Mod's .\data\Menu\ folder.
I have no idea why the Thomsen Sound Pack mod would need to use that file, but it seems to work just fine without it.

Alternative Fix.
Disable Thomsen’s Sound Pack mod before the Eprobüngstelle Test Mission and enable again before the start of your next mission.

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