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Default Why Do I See “Null” When I Want To Transfer To A New Flotilla.

Why Do I See “Null” When I Want To Transfer To A New Flotilla.

"Null" means you are too early in historical game time.
The Transfer to your new Flotilla is not yet available.

In LSH3-2015 you must complete the first patrol in

In real time this means 4 days at sea.
This 4 day at sea plus the days you spend in harbour to Transfer to another Flotilla has to be 1 full month!
The earliest date you can start in Flotilla 2 is 1st September or you will see PQ=null.

Never play a patrol by "Null" as you can lose a whole career this way.

Picture 1 > Use the draggable "Flotilla Information Table" in the game: from the Transfer screen.
Also found in the game by pressing F1 and pulling down the Flottillen Tab

When you go to Transfer only available Flotilla’s that can be Transferred to will show.

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