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Default Simulate A Realistic Career Length > How Does It work?

Simulate A Realistic Career Length > How Does It work?
This option in SH3Commander is likely to interest the gamer who does not want to keep the same Captain all the time.
To ‘Simulate A Realistic Career Length’ the box must be ticked in the Career Option Menu before the Start of any New Mission.
Career lengths are random so you may go many patrols before a Career Transfer takes place.
There is always a reason for the Transfer which is shown in a Message Box.
Picture 1 > Message Box Transfer with details.

Picture 2 > Kurt Halderbaum has successfully completed 8 patrols.

Picture 3 > Click for ‘Available Actions’.

Picture 4 > Click on the line ‘Continue career with new Commander’.

Picture 5 > You now have 3 options.
1 Enter the Captains name manually that you were given in the Transfer Message.
Mine was L Buchheim.
2 Enter a Captain’s name of your own choosing.
3 Use the RN randomise button to choose from a list of Captains.
I will use randomize as I like my Captain to have a first name.

Picture 6 > Now defaults to show New Career.
You will keep the same U-Boat
You will keep the same Crew with all promotions and points and medals.
You will start the New Career in the same month and year.
Your game continues from where you docked with your new Captain.
There is NO Test Mission, you start from where you last docked with the date advanced as usual for any New Mission.

Picture 7 > Shows your current Flotilla which you will need to remember.

Picture 8 > Shows your current Year which you will need to remember.

Picture 9 > Now press the ‘Launch LSH3 game’ icon.

Picture 10 > Shows your new Captain and also any previous Captain’s that have not been deleted.
Press Save/Start.

Picture 11 > Click on New Career.

Picture 12 > This is the opening default screen where you need to make your changes.

Picture 13 > I need to change the Year to 1940.

Picture 14 > I need to change my Flotilla to the 7th.

Picture 15 > The game recognizes my previous Career’s 7th Flotilla’s Home Base is St. Nazaire.

Picture 16 > Pressing the Start button will now take you to the Office where you can continue to customize your U-Boat.

NOTE > If you keep your previous Captain and do not delete him SH3Commander will let you bring him out of retirement and you can continue your Career with him.
In the Main SH3Commander screen click on a previous Captain
Go to Number 3 Status
Put your mouse on the line and a message will appear offering you to bring the Captain out of retirement.
Accept the prompt and you are set to go.

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