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Default Firing Torpedoes From The Attack Map F6.

Firing Torpedoes From The Attack Map F6.

The Target remains Locked in the Periscope Station.
The > 2 Gyro Angle Dials are used to monitor when to Fire Torpedoes.

Picture 1 > Here the Gyro Angle 000 has been replaced by > 2 Lead Angle Dials.
Left Dial > U-Boat.
Right Dial > Target.
The perfect firing solution is when both Dials are vertical as in the Picture.
The U-Boat is correctly positioned for a 90ᵒ shoot as you can see the Torpedo Track Line runs down the 0ᵒ bearing.
All the calculations have been done by the Weapons Officer (WE) using the > Torpedo Solutions Icon.

Picture 2 > Shows the Torpedo is on Track to hit the Target.

Picture 3 > Target destroyed.

Manually Setting Your Own Torpedo Angles.

If you want to set your own Torpedo Angles.
Unlock the Target in the Periscope Station F3.
Click on the Red Auto Button.
It will turn Green to allow access to the TDC.
Using the Bearing Dial has the same action as moving the Periscope.
You will see the Torpedo Track Line move as you move the Periscope Bearing Dial.
Range and Speed always have to be entered manually.
The Torpedo Track Line will change length as the Range Dial is moved.

Picture 4 > Bearing Tool > Off - On > + - Zoom Buttons.

Picture 5 > Bearing Tool > Off - On >
+ - Zoom Buttons.

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