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Default Why You Must Now Start The Naval Academy By Using The SH3.exe

Why You Must Now Start The Naval Academy By Using The SH3.exe

Very Important.
The Naval Academy provides essential data to LSH3 as it installs and sets up the V15 Saved Games folder.

Picture 1 > Start the SH3.exe

Picture 2 > LSH3 loads to the Main Menu.

Picture 3 > You can use Options to make changes to your style of game play.

Picture 4 > Shows the default Options.

Picture 5 > Shows you the > German Crew Language has been changed from the default English.

Picture 6 > Click on > Apply Changes to save the settings.

Picture 7 > Confirm the changes > Yes.

Picture 8 > Select the > Naval Academy.

Picture 9 > Select a Tutorial > Navigation (recommended)

Picture 10 > Click on > Start.
If you would like to get used to the game play then you can continue.
Taking an exam will earn you additional > 1000 Renown.
Total Renown will be 2000.

Picture 11 > Quit the Tutorial.
Press the Esc Key.
You will get the prompt to > Abandon Mission.
Click on > Yes.

Picture 12 > Click on > Return to Base.

Picture 13 > Click on > Back.
You do not need to take any exams unless you want to.
You will just receive the > Default 1000 Renown

Picture 14 > Click on > Back.

Picture 15 > Click on > Exit Game.

Picture 16 > Confirm that you want to > Quit Game > Yes.

Picture 17 > Documents folder > Before Naval Academy.

Picture 18 > Documents folder > After Naval Academy.

Completing an exam in the Naval Academy will increase your renown from 1000 to 2000 points.

Now go to the next Tutorial.

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