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Default Ralles RealModPack for TMO_RSRDC_OTC

1. Ralles RealModPack V1.2final full

2. Ralles ModPack for TMO_RSRDC_OTC V1.3single Update

3. Unofficial patch regarding the aircraft AI incl. Bubbles ship compilation

SH4 V1.5 BasicToolBox(4GBPatch, JSGME and MultiSh4)

Ralles RealModPack V1.2final for Silent Hunter4 V1.5

This is a total package consisting of TriggerMaru_Overhaul_2-5 + RSRDC_TMO_V502 + OpticalTargetingCorrection031312forRSRDCv502, and summary of various modifications.
The purpose of this compilation is to summarize all the good and appreciative modifications of the SH4 Modder scene into a playable package in order to make it easier for others to search and test the many available modes.
Only a few sounds, graphics and shaders have been added by myself, and to make the game as realistic as possible, various files are edited.

Installation via JSGM:
1.5 OTC OptionalGoodys *1
2.0 Ralles ModPack for TMO_RSRDC_OTC *2

Please note!
In the "OTC OptionalGoodys" folder are various folders for the respective resolution, the periscope view, and the IJN-AI. These must be copied and activated individually into the game.
For me it looks like this for example:
1.5_OTC_Realistic Scopes for 16 to 9 RSRDCv502
1.5_OTC_Tokko's Revenge for RSRDCv502
2.0 Ralles ModPack for TMO_RSRDC_OTC
2.1 TMO_Sample_Emblem
2.1 TMO_Sub_Pirate_flag


Special thanks / credits go to:
- Ducimus
- lurker_hlb3
- CapnScurvy
- TorpX
- SilentPrey
- iambecomelife
- Bubblehead1980
- MadMax
- Nbjackso
- Frederick J. Barnett
- Serg
- dallatorre
- Kriller2
- W_clear
- Caustic
- Stanger
- Bilge_Rat

If I have accidentally forgotten someone, I apologize as well as notification.

Have fun and fat booty.
The Ralf

Originally Posted by Bleiente
To recap, the main contents of my ModSuppe, there is / are playing influential with include:
- ISP (without the problematic scene.dat only the relevant files)
- NewDepthCharges
- Many very beautiful sounds of FORTS and other modifications, as well as new to me mixed and edited sound files
- TMO Smoke Mod
- Nav_Map makeover V2.1
and much more

I myself have the adapted sensor.cfg -the guard now looks as good as the players and the self sim.cfg - the IJN see now toward more accurate.

Since TorpX had modeled in the original ISP Porpoise class so chic with their limited Sea endurance of 6000nm at 10kn, I have the boats improved P-class (Perch) away.
Accordingly, I have also set up / edited that only the following boats P-class are available:
SS 172-173 with riveted hull (USS Porpoise and USS Pike)
SS 174-175 welded (USS Shark and USS Tarpon)
The boats of the improved Porpoise (also called Perch class) thus no longer be so available.
The use of Manila (especially as the Philippines relatively promptly fall) I imagine there before exciting ... especially when `then the diesel becomes scarce.

The flak was -both reasonably adapted for ammunition and effect- towards reality and reworked the ammunition for the deck guns.
this means that the deck gun:
3"/50 - 180 Granaten HE
4"/50 - 140 Granaten HE
5"/25 - 100 Granaten HE
5"/51 - 100 Granaten HE
antiaircraft gun
cal .50 single - 1.400 AP
Oerlikon single - 600 AP + 600 HE
Bofors single - 300 AA + 300 HE

Just let's clarify that sub-carriages to the guns used did not permit it to use selbige as Flak, apart from the Mark 40 for the 5 "/ 25 gun. However, then this could at max. Elevation of 40 degrees to shoot for 13 km, where ultimately diving was both tactically strategically more sense.
In addition, a submarine is not a destroyer or even cruisers, it is possible to operate in secret and therefore there is no armor-piercing ammunition (they had in reality not).


This area/dll will remain for people with bad Internet connection or regulation!

Ralles ModPack for TMO_RSRDC_OTC V1.3single

Real Environment RSRDC_TMO by Kriller + Caustic

I apologize in advance for my deficient English ... I use a Translator.
This is a compilation of different modifications, which work with TMO V2.5 + RSRDC V502 + OTC for TMO and harmony.
Meaning and content of this compilation is all sensible and appreciation in modifications by third parties to take a playable package together to facilitate other search and testing of the many available modes or to spare.
From myself only a few sounds have been added and edited several files to promote a most realistic game.

The correct sequence via JSGME would be as follows:

1. TriggerMaru_Overhaul_2-5
(with or without the optional modes)
1a Real Environment RSRDC_TMO by Kriller + Caustic
(and patch)
3. 1.5_Optical Targeting Correction 031312 for RSRDCv502
3a 1.5_OTC_Realistic Scopes (or Aspect Ratio) RSRDCv502
3b 1.5_OTC_Tokko's Revenge for RSRDCv502 (better aircraft and improved AI)
4. Ralles ModPack for TMO_RSRDC_OTC


Special thanks/Credits go to:
- Ducimus
- lurker_hlb3
- CapnScurvy
- TorpX
- SilentPrey
- iambecomelife
- Bubblehead1980
- MadMax
- AOTD|Rhonen
- Nbjackso
- Frederick J. Barnett
- Serg
- dallatorre
- Kriller2
- W_clear
- Caustic
- stanger
- Bilge_Rat

Should I someone accidentally miss, I apologize and alerts.

Have fun and rich booty.

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