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For better understanding "DX9" Problems and / or "d3d9.dll" Problems ("d3d9.dll" is a part of "DX9").

About d3d9.dll Problems:

Our “d3d9.dll” was rebuild (by Seeadler, date: 29.06.2013) special for LSH3 V15 Widescreen Mods, no other “d3d9.dll” is compatible.
Our settings in “d3d9.ini” need that “d3d9.dll”, no other works fine.

The two “d3d9.dll” and “d3d9.ini” files only need by active additional GUI WIDESCREEN Mods.
If no WS Mod is active “d3d9.dll” and “d3d9.ini” should be NOT EXIST in the SH3 installation folder!
Be shure and check that, coas JSGME sometimes “forget” do deactivate these files by deactivating a WS Mod!

About DX9 Problems:

DX10 or DX11 are NOT compatible to DX9 file versions.
To run SH3 the old/original DX9 files version is mandatory!!!

By installing older games do never disable their “old/original” DX version!
Coase; by installing older Games/DX Versions Windows analyze these files and create a compatible copy/variant of these (old) DX files into the System library.
Means; if original DX9 files not installed the SH3 installation will not work fine, especially not in WS resolution!

Advice by SH3 start > DX problems:

a) Remove/unistall game SH3 and delete all existing SH3 files/folder and restart computer

b) after that maybe use a tool to clean obsolete SH3 settings in Registry
Free Tools like “Wise Registry Cleaner” or “CCleaner” works fine

c) Reinstall SH3 again including the old/original DX9 game version

Another Tip is to install the latest…
Microsoft DirectX® End-User Runtime provides updates to 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX

These workarounds mostly fix such problems.

That’s more or less all I can say and explain (with my limited english).

regards, Urmel
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