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Default patSH3r - Reborn

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patSH3r changes the way Silent Hunter III works by bringing new functionallity to the game. It uses a technique called code injection, which adds/replaces code in live memory while running the game. Thus it doesn't make modifications to any of the original game files. When the files belonging to this project are removed, the game is left as nothing ever happened.

I'm restarting this project from scratch, since h.sie's project have died out. The first goal is to rewrite the h.sie patches (copy the behaviour, not the code) into this project, and later on extend them further and add new patches.

patSH3r-code is licensed under the GNU GPL3 license. Contributions are welcome.

  • Watch officer experience
Range estimation will suffer penalties if the WO don't have the Watchman qualification and/or is inexperienced. (For more in depth information, see Watch officer experience - Explained)
  • Watch officer & hydrophone targeting
Watch officer will estimate range and bearing on locked target. Hydrophone will report on the hydrophone targeted contact. If no target is locked/targeted, the closest ship is reported.
  • Repair time factor (not V16b1)
This fix sets the repair time factor, to make it act a bit more realistic. It also displays the time left of the repairs correct.
  • Night vision factor
Lets you set the reduced view range when its dark, to make spotting of ships act more realistic. This patch is based on H.sies Night Vision Fix. The patch will override a H.sie patched exe if enabled.
  • Watch officer to bridge
The watch officer - with best endurance - in either bow- or stern compartment, will be moved to bridge when surfacing.
This patch will override the hsie equivalent if both are enabled.
  • No news TC1
Time compression will not fall down to 1 when recieving news.
Minor fixes
- profile_name - Lets you choose a profile directory under your personal SH3 folder to store the game data.
- Bugfix: Stupid petty officer - All crew are moved between electric and diesel compartments when submerging and surfacing.

Unzip the downloaded file and copy the two files (patSH3r.act & patSH3r.cfg) to the directory where your SH3 installations resides. patSH3r will do its magic next time you start the game.

To remove it. Just remove patSH3r.act & patSH3r.cfg and there will be no magic no more.

patSH3r is compatible with all different v1.4 EXE-files including the v1.6B1 h.sie patched ones. Some patches (if incompatible) will be disabled automatically, so no harm will come to your experience.


Current revision: 36

Source repository

CREDITS & Special Thanks:
  • H.sie - for opening his source code which perhaps will be the source of many patches to come.
  • Stiebler - for a comprehensive list of memory locations.
aero16, Magic1111

Known Bugs:

Have a nice day!

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