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All Here In 1 Thread <> Other Useful Information > Posts Of Interest > Problem Solving > YouTube Tutorials > Compatible Mods For LSH3-2015 > FAQ's.

The problem „L/SH3 show only black screen… but with sound“ (only with Widescreen Mods) is solved > Latest Information By Urmel.

More Information On Drivers And Settings

Before you dive into my Tutorials some Bug Fix information from the LSH3 Team

How To Download > Install LSH3-2015 And Set Up The Mega Mod

SFSF-MODULE - The New Solution for "Steam" & "Starforce" > By BL!TZKR!EG

Alternative Steam Installation Instructions For LSH3-2015

Got a problem you cannot solve and do not know how to fix it and would like me to take over and help you. (Not STEAM unless converted)
Let TeamViewer come to the rescue.
Just send me a PM and tell me how I can help you.
Download Link To:

With over 40 pages on the LSH3-2015 thread containing over 500 posts many of which are asking the same questions it is not practical looking through the post's which is time consuming.
Hopefully this Tutorial Thread will answer a lot of those questions.

Step by Step Tutorials using the LSH-2015_GUI _WIDESCREEN Mod.

Post #2 Un-installing SH3 > Using A Registry Cleaner.

Post #3 Installing Or Re-Installing SH3 Correctly + OS Compatibility Modes.

Post #4 Downloading LSH3-2015 > Single File > Multi Files > Verifying The Saved File/s.

Post #5 Installing LSH3-2015 > JSGME.

Post #6 Running Applications As An Administrator.

Post #7 Changing Nvidia And AMD Radeon GPU Settings

Post #8 LSH3-2015 Manuals.

Post #9 Options > Why You Must Now Start The Naval Academy By Using The SH3.exe.

Post #10 JSGME > HSIE Options > Enabling The Rest Of Your Mods Choices.

Post #11 SH3Commander > Making Changes > New Career > Launching LSH3.

Post #12 Launching LSH3 With SH3Commander > Starting The Mission > Difficulty Settings.

Post #13 Game Loaded > Raise The flag > Patrol Orders > Using your Weapons Officer > TDC .

Post #14 Ending The First Test Patrol (Eprobungstelle) > Promotions > Transferring.

Post #15 Making Further HSIE Changes? > (Option Only) > Compatible Mod

Post #16 Adding A New Mod > HSIE O2-Gauges v2. > (Option Only)

Post #17 Total Black Screen > Sound No Picture > Picture No Sound Fixes > Windows 10 Creator Version Fixes

Post #18 Adjusting Time Compression (TC) For Port Movements.

Post #19 Setting Up Patrol 2 > Creating A Personnel File > Managing The Crew With SH3Commander.

Post #20 Loading Patrol 2 From SH3Commander.

Post #21 The Office/Career Menu.

Post #22 U-Boat Management.

Post #23 U-Boat Management > Torpedoes.

Post #24 It’s Time To Start Patrol 2.

Post #25 Departing Wilhelmshaven > Captains Log > Mission Orders > New Gauge > DH Antenna > Flag.

Post #26 Plotting From The Dock Through The Lock Gates.

Post #27 Making A Manual Game Save.

Post #28
Rockall Bank First Encounters in AM18.

Post #29
Firing Torpedoes From The Attack Map F6.

Post #30
What Is In F1 Help?

Post #31 Game Freezes on Startup.

Post #32 How To Use The Ccleaner Free Registry Cleaner.

Post #33 Compasses On All Navigation Map Tools Mod By Pisces > LSH3 Compatible > Enable JSGME.

Post #34 Improving The Flak And Deck Gun For Use In Bad Weather By K-61

Post #35 How To Calculate A Targets Speed By Using The Periscope Cross Hair

Post #36 How To Convert Kilometres To Knots By Valkyrie612

Post #37
Finding The Targets Speed 1 Minute Method By Valkyrie612.

Post #38
Finding The Target’s Speed 3 Minutes And 15 Seconds Method.

Post #39
Finding The Target’s Speed 5 Minutes Method.

Post #40 HSIE O2-Gauges v2 > Replacing the CO2 Gauge > Download and Instructions > Enable JSGME > Compatible Mod.

Post #41 John P Cromwell 45º Attack Method Revised For SHIII

Post #42 Changing Any LSH3-2015 Gui To > Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final > Download And Instructions > Enable JSGME.

Post #43
A.O.B. Angle Charts Off 90 Degrees.

Post #44 Hydrophone Tracker v1.1b Desktop Tool For Intercepting Targets > By Gutted.

Post #45 Steam Conversion Installation Instructions For LSH3-2015 > New Instructions.

Post #46 Recognition Manual Information> Selected Merchant Ships.

Post #47 Starting Your Career With A Type IXB U-Boat In August 1939!

Post #48 ‘Simulate Realistic Crew Transfers’ In SH3Commander > How Does It Work?

Post #49 Simulate A Realistic Career Length > How Does It work?

Post #50 How To Manually Change Your Renown.

Post #51 U-Boat Upgrade > When? > How To Do It <> Part 1.

Post #52
U-Boat Upgrade > When? > How To Do It <> Part 2.

Post #53 How To Transfer To A New Flotilla

Post #54 Map Marker English Text Doesn't Increment...MARK D Fix By 11Bravo

Post #55 Why Do I See “Null” When I Want To Transfer To A New Flotilla > By Urmel?

Post #56 How To Adapt The Mod Compass_On_ All_ Navmaptools for LSH3-2015 > Compatible Mod

Post #57 How To Change The Fuel Gauge To A Better Looking One

Post#58 Buying A SHIII DVD > Read This First > Important Information

Post #59 Penang Fix For Eprobüngstelle Test Missions By crookedltool

YouTube Tutorials

LSH3-2015 Game Play On YouTube with Captain Yellowfin

Other Useful Information > Posts Of Interest > Problem Solving

4Gig Patch For SH3 > Already Activated In LSH3

100% Manual Targeting With LSH3


Ahnenerbe Widegui F5 Toolcard's Windroses Corrected By Ericlea

Air supply in H.sie mod – New Options Selector 1.6C > By Stiebler

AMD Radeon GPU Information When Using 1920 x 1080 HDTV By Bilge Rat

BL!TZKR!EG’S > SFSF - Module Downloads > SH3 > Game Patches

Convert STEAM For LSH3-2015 By YellowFin > Instructions

Convert STEAM For LSH3-2015 By YellowFin > STEAM Installation Directory Path

Das Boot 3D Officer Icons

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

DirectX 9.0C > Direct Download

Explaining How The Periscope Milligrams Marks Work

Flat Sun Problem Fixed

For better understanding "DX9" Problems and / or "d3d9.dll" Problems ("d3d9.dll" is a part of "DX9").

Hull Damage Made By Torpedo Impact Mod v1.0 By Prometheus

Improved Nomograph Tool

Is there a targeting tutorial in English for manual targeting in LSH 2015?

LSH Swastika Flag own U-Boat and all German ships > Enable JSGME

Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware Software To Protect Your System > Download Link

Nvidia Settings for Missing Sun Halo By Delanski

OLC Speed Marker Correction Fix By Ericlea

Problem Solving the Error > Cannot initialize 3D Engine?

Replacing Red With Blue Interior Lights In The Type VII > By TheBeast

Resolution Problems > How To Fix By CaptBones

SHIII_1.4b DiscScratchProtector Utility By Maik
(Removes Starforce Protection) Unpack and copy the files into your installation folder.

SH3 Cleaner 6.0 for DVD Edition [XP, Vista, Win7, Win8.1, Win10]

SH3 Guide 2014+

Silent Hunter III Front End (S3F) By BL!TZKR!EG

Silent Hunter III Official Patches

STEAM And SH3 Problem Sorting By Propbeanie

Steam Conversion SH3 Installation Instructions By BL!ITZKR!EG

The ''broken'' TDC Attack Method By Makman94

XP Virtual Machine Running SH 3 On Different Windows OS

LSH3-EDITION-2015-INSTALLATION_EN.pdf - 2 MB < Original Installation Instructions Download.

Compatible Mods For LSH3-2015.

Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final > LSH3 Compatible > Enable JSGME.

HSIE O2-Gauges v2 > LSH3 Compatible > Enable JSGME.

Expected Easter Release For LSH3-2018

Silent Hunter 3 Edition 2017 Essentials by LSH3 > Overview Of Update

New Installation Pictures

New Installation Pictures

F.A.Q’s and Game Fixes.

My game crashes when loading the blue screen.
This can happen from time to time but should not be anything to worry about.
Reload the game as before and you should be ok.

When the game starts to load it seems to freeze.
Your game is gathering data and this takes time.
Depending on your computer’s performance this can be 2 to 10 minutes or more.

My game gets near to the end of loading and then crashes each time I reload it.
This is a compatibility problem.
If using OS10 use compatibility mode OS7.
If using OS7 try XP2.
Change your SH3.exe to run as an administrator.
Change the SH3Commander.exe to run as administrator only.

I have made a number of successful game saves and now my last saved game will not load and is crashing.
Do not make any game saves near destroyed marks or near a lot of activity.
Allow a 60km distance from the destroyed mar to your U-Boat.

My periscope will not stay up.
If you have enabled the ‘HSIE Periscope fix patch’ then this will be the answer.
When a certain speed is reached the periscope will start to blur and then will automatically retract.

I want to enable the HSIE patch in JSGME but my anti-virus will not let me.
Set your anti-virus to make an exception for the HSIE.exe.
If you do not know how to do this, with the HSIE still disabled turn off your anti-virus.
Make any changes to the disabled HSIE that you wish to make before enabling it.
Turn the anti-virus back on.

My Telegraph has just stopped working.
Put the Telegraph into a Reverse Speed and then move it to a Forward Speed.

I wish to change the number of days in base.
In SH3Commander go to ‘Optionen’ and then ‘Career Options’.
Tick the box ‘Set number of days spent in base’ and change the 28 to your choice.
Click Apply.
Click Ok.

Why can’ I get better protection against aircraft in bad weather?

See Post#34.

I am using Ahnenerbe's wide screen mod but when I transfer to the Eprobungstelle Flotilla although my base shows as Stralsund my U-boat is in West Africa.
Ahnenerbe's wide screen mod is not compatible with the transfer process.
Disable the Ahnenerbe mod and enable the LSH3 wide screen default mod for the test mission.
After transferring from the test mission and before you start your next mission disable the LSH3 wide screen mod and enable the Ahnenerbe wide screen mod again.
Repeat this process every time a test mission is done.

How many metres in 1 knot?
1.852 metres

I selected the 30th Flotilla and when I start the game I am in West Africa not Konstanza.
Disabling the Mod _LSH3-2015__BunkerStart will fix the problem. (Acknowledgement to ThePrody)

F.A.Q’s. OLC.

I am using the OLC mod but after I take the range my mast values seem to be wrong.
You need to multiply your mast value x 2 when you make range readings even when the recognition manual does not state that.
Courtesy acknowledgement to ValoWay

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