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Default Installing TDW's Generic File Patcher Part 1

Last updated 1st june2018
This Tutorial is for installing TDW's Generic File Patcher (GFP) anywhere on your system as a stand alone application.

If a complete uninstall is done the stand alone GFP application is unaffected by this.
When the re-install is done just reconnect the GFP Patches to the SH5 Folder again.

The Wolves of Steel (TWoS)
Sobers Mega Mod

Link to the (GFP).

Do Not put the GFP in JSGME or in any Silent Hunter 5 folder.

It is recommended that you backup the 9 original files below that are in your Silent Hunter 5 Main Folder by Copying and Pasting them to a New Folder somewhere safe. (Picture 1)

Likely looking Main Folder Path. C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5

1. Cameramanager.act
2. EnvSim.act
3. SimData.dll
4. Kernel.dll
5. Sh5.exe
6. SHCollisions.act
7. SHSim.act
8. SHSound.act
9. SH_NClient.dll

Picture 1

1. Make another New Folder and put it somewhere where you can find it easily as you will need to use this folder each time you want to make changes to the (GFP).
The Ubisoft Folder is my recommendation as it easy to find and always available.

2. For the purpose of this Tutorial I will call the New Folder GFP168.

3. Download the (GFP) in to the GFP168 Folder. (Picture 2)

Picture 2

4. Open the Zip File.

5. You should now see 8 Files. (Picture 3)

Picture 3

6. Click on File 1 without opening it.

7. Hold down the Shift Key.

8. Put your Mouse over File 8.

9. All 8 Files should now be highlighted. (Picture 4)

Picture 4

10. Double click on the Generic Patcher Application.

11. Click on Extract All. (Picture 5)

Picture 5

12. Click on Extract. (Picture 6)

Picture 6

13. Extract.

14. The Application Icon has now changed (Picture 7)

Picture 7

15. You now open the (GFP) with the (Mickey Mouse) Icon that starts the Application.

16. Click on Run may depending on your security settings if it shows it.
(Picture 8)

Picture 8

17. Double Click on your Language. (Picture 9)

Picture 9

18. Selecting the Language takes you to this next screen. (Picture 10)

Picture 10

19. Click on the File Tab. (Picture 11)

20. Click on Open. (Picture 11)

Picture 11

21. You will be asked to select your First File Path. (Picture 12)

Picture 12

Warning > Failing to highlight the Silent Hunter 5 folder correctly will cause the failure of 1 or more of the patchers to install.

22. Likely looking File Path could be C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5

23. Select Path to CameraManager.act. < First Patcher.

24. The destination of this is your Silent Hunter 5 Main Folder.

25. Computer.

26. C:

27. Ubisoft.

28. Silent Hunter 5.

29. Click once on the Silent Hunter 5 Folder to highlight it without opening it. (Picture 13)

Picture 13 > Note where the Snapshot folder is.

30. Click on OK.

31. Repeat the instructions from 21 to 30 for each of the remaining 8 Patchers as they appear.

32. Select Path to EnvSim.act

33. Select the Path to kernel.dll.

34. Select Path to SH5.exe

35. Select Path to SHCollisions.act

36. Select Path to SHSim.act

37. Select Path to SHSound.act

38. Select Path to SH_NClient.dll

39. Set Path to SimData.dll

40. When you click OK on the last Patcher you should now see all 9 Patcher Files. (Picture 14)

Picture 14

41. If you do not see 9 patchers then you have not selected the Silent Hunter 5 folder correctly.

42. Double click with your mouse on the file you want to open. (Picture 15)

Picture 15

43. You double click with your mouse to open a Patch.

44. To close the (GFP)

45. Go to File. (Picture 16)

Picture 16

46. Go to Exit. (Picture 16)

47. Closes the (GFP) and completes the installation.

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Courtesy acknowledgement to TheDarkWraith

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