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RFB Team 12-31-2009 01:09 AM

[REL] Real Fleet Boat 2.0 (Updated 23 April 2010)
At last, RFB 2.0 is here. We thank you all for your patience as we compiled and tested this mod to make sure you, our supporters, receive a high-quality mod.

Changes in RFB 2.0 include the following:


1. The damage model now includes several warships, modified by LukeFF and Observer, which are as follows:


2. New interior camera mechanics by vickers03. Camera now will tilt based on the fore-and-aft angle of the boat.

3. Reworked texture mapping for the S Class interior by LukeFF.

4. New and reworked texture mapping for the Gato interior (also used by Tambor, Gar, Balao, and Tench classes) by LukeFF and vickers03. Changes include:

-Re-mapped gauge textures.
-Re-mapped hull opening indicator light panel and torpedo launch panel.
-Illuminated map table in conning tower.
-New WCA sonar display textures.

5. New torpedo textures by Captain America.

6. Altered American torpedo malfunctions by LukeFF.

7. Added the CHa-1 subchaser by Nisgeis.

8. New Radar Display by Hitman.

9. New American binocular, TBT and deck gun optics by Hitman.

10. New German binocular optics by Hitman.

11. Darker American attack periscope view by skwas.

12. Adjusted camera positions for various deck guns by LukeFF.

13. Adjusted elevation rates for American deck guns by LukeFF.

14. Starting crew rosters for the Tambor, Gar, Gato, Balao, and Tench class boats now based on USS Icefish roster (June 1944) by LukeFF.

15. Starting crew rosters for the Salmon and Sargo class boats now based on USS Sculpin roster (November 1943) by LukeFF.

16. Machinists now man the control room in all American boats by LukeFF.

17. Crew skills re-worked by LukeFF.

18. Lookout specialization re-named to Quartermaster. In reality, petty officers with the Quartermaster and Signalman ratings drew the duty of 'Quartermaster of the Watch' and were assigned to bridge detail. (Source: The Fleet Type Submarine). In addition, the Signalman rating was absorbed into the Quartermaster rating twice in the post-war era (1948 and 2003).

19. Damage control team slots re-worked. In reality, the damage control parties were staffed mostly by engineering personnel (machinist's mates, electricians, and firemen). (Source: Aboard the Farragut Class Destroyers in World War II). As such, the damage control team slots are set up so the player can transfer the equivalent of one watch rotation from the diesel compartments to man the damage control team.

20. American dive and surface alarm sounds re-worked.
Notes on using the binocular optics:


The binoculars reticule is gradated in milliradians. It will work with any measuring unit, be it imperial or metric, because the result is always a ratio.
The formula is:
(Target height or length / reticule marks ) x 100 = Distance in the same unit you inputed the target.
For example:
A 180 feet mast reaches the mark number "6" in the vertical reticle.
(180 ft / 6 marks) x 100 = 3000 ft, i.e. aprox 1000 yards.
23 April 2010 Patch Readme:


(Latest revisions are at the bottom of this list)

Changed default heavy deck gun AA armament on IXD2
Adjusted hydrophone performance characteristics. The speed of the target now plays more of a role in max range at which a target can be detected.
Go Back command for radar and sonar views takes player to conning tower view.
Adjusted damage zone modeling for Japanese sampans and fishing boats.
Re-enabled map contacts.
Changed 10.5cm deck gun ammo loadout to 200 HE rounds.
Changed 37mm AA gun loadout to 2500 rounds per gun.
Fixed problem with 10.5cm deck gun sound.
Added six empty planesmen slots to the control rooms for all American boats. Two enlisted men from each bridge watch should be placed here when the boat is submerged.
Changed introduction date of H-6 radar for H6K, H8K, and G4M aircraft to September 1944.
Changed max range of H-6 radar to approximately 12 miles.
Max ranges for all American subs is now based on the sub carrying fuel in their main ballast tanks (S and Tench classes already had this feature). The new ranges for the rest of the subs is as follows:
-Porpoise: 22,000 miles @ 8 knots
-Salmon, Sargo, Tambor, Gar, Gato, Balao: 15,000 miles at 10 knots
Adjusted default surface speeds for all boats (credit to virtualpender for finding the info) as follows:
-Fleet subs: 6, 12, 15, 18, max speed for each respective class
-S boats: 3, 6, 9, 11, max speed for each respective class
Dive times for all American boats re-calibrated to the historical standard surfaced speed as follows:
-Fleet subs: 15 knots
-S boats: 9 knots
Changed acceleration rate for submerged American subs to equate to approximately 4 knots/minute.
Added Gato interior mod by vickers03.
Changed ammo loadout for 3"/50 deck gun to 200 HE rounds (credit to DaveyJ576 for finding the info).
Changed SD radar range to 8 nautical miles.
Changed name of SD-1 radar to SD-2 radar.
Notes on SD-2 naming:
-SD radar underwent a lot of changes in the time it was in service with the U.S. Navy. The original SD radar sets (60 produced between late 1941 and mid-1942) were all field-modified to the horizontally-polarized U-type antenna by the summer of 1942 and were designated SD-a.
-SD-1 (20 produced) had a non-retractable mast and was installed from late 1942. SD-2 (60 produced) was essentially the production version of SD-a and had provision for IFF. It was also installed from late 1942 onwards.
-SD-3 was a version made for small craft, although some were modified back into submarine-compatible sets. SD-4 (104 produced) was an attempt to cure the problems of SD by using a linear dipole array. It was delivered between July 1943 and July 1944. SD-5 (86 produced) was completed in December 1944 and increased the power 130 kilowatts. It had a range scale of 80nm, but Norman Friedman believes this to be an "overoptimistic" belief in its max range potential.
What this all means is that, in determining when SD radar was installed on a particular boat, the following rules will apply:
-Any SD radar set installed before June 1942 will be considered to be SD radar.
-Any SD radar set installed in June 1942 and onwards will be considered to be SD-2 radar (what is called in stock SH4 "Improved SD Radar." Although SD-2 did not appear before the fall of 1942, it had in effect the same range characteristics as SD-a.
Adjusted torpedo reload times for all American submarines to a fastest time of approximately 5 minutes (except for the Porpoise class bow torpedo room, which is set at approximately 7.5 minutes). The Porpoise class bow torpedo room was known for being too cramped, making torpedo reloading and maintenance cumbersome.
Added new flag textures by conus00.
Corrected problem with torpedo dud rates for American torpedoes.
Corrected problem with soundman not hearing contacts.
Adjusted date of introduction for various conning tower modifications.
Corrected problem with submarine's diesel engine sound.
Removed all special ability skills for enlisted sailors.
Adjusted chance for a critical hit when using torpedoes.
Key command file updated by T.}{.O.R.. Backspace key now resets the game to normal time compression and strafe up and strafe down keys re-enabled.
M2 .50 cal machine gun (fixes by Peabody) is now the standard AA gun for the pre-war fleet sub fairwater configurations.
Modified the torpedo speed label for the American TDC. Mod by etheberge.
Re-implemented OakGroove's TBT and deck gun lenses.
Several corrections to camera properties for periscopes, deck gun, TBT, and binoculars.
Reverted binocular view to stock.
Some changes to dive performance for the fleet submarines.
Fixed a problem with depth charge racks on Japanese destroyers.
Added conus00's new headphone and watch crew binocular textures.
Addeed Hitman's modification of OakGroove's TBT texture.
Increased rate of sumberged accleration for all fleet submarines.

  • RFB 2.0 is a JSGME-ready mod and should be installed before campaign mods such as RSRDC and OM.
  • RFB 2.0 is for version SH4 v.1.5 only. Do not expect the mod to work with earlier versions of the game.
  • The patch file is to be enabled after the main RFB installation file and before any other mods.
  • You will find two additional files inside the main RFB 2.0 directory - one for alternate nomographs and one for German audio files. These files are to be enabled when playing on the German side.
Download Locations:

RFB 2.0 File:

RFB 2.0 Patch (23 April 2010):

RFB 2.0 manual (note: this is the link for the RFB 1.52 manual. It is in general still valid for 2.0, except for the cases noted above in the readme.):

Bubblehead1980 12-31-2009 02:05 AM

I signed on to see if 2.0 was posted yet and to my delight it is, can't wait to check it out.Thanks for all the hard work you guys do:salute:

Also, where is the campaign traffic file located? Tried to open it up with the Mission Editor to check it out, no campaign file.Thanks in advance.

Dieselglock 12-31-2009 02:36 AM

To Luke and all the team thank you very much for all the effort and hard work you put in to this work. This game wouldn't be worth playing without you.:yeah:

LukeFF 12-31-2009 02:40 AM


Originally Posted by Bubblehead1980 (Post 1227860)
Also, where is the campaign traffic file located? Tried to open it up with the Mission Editor to check it out, no campaign file.Thanks in advance.

RFB doesn't touch anything with the campaigns. That's all Lurker's territory. :)

jimbob 12-31-2009 02:59 AM

Sweet, thanks.


Bubblehead1980 12-31-2009 03:56 AM

Anyone else get the error message below when download RFB 2.0? When I load the mod and try to run game, it CTD.Get the old "SH has stopped working" message.Ahhh i was looking forward to trying RFB out but its late...

! C:\Users\Skeeter\Documents\Downloads Two\RFB_2.0.7z: CRC failed in RFB_2.0\Data\Textures\TNormal\tex\NSS_SClass_Tower The file is corrupt
! C:\Users\Skeeter\Documents\Downloads Two\RFB_2.0.7z: CRC failed in RFB_2.0\Data\Textures\TNormal\tex\NSS_SClass_Tower The file is corrupt.......

[Edited for brevity. File issue has been resolved.-Donner]

Corsair 12-31-2009 04:52 AM

Am playing RFB plus RSRD on a 1.4 SH4 version. Is this new RFB 2.0 compatible or does it work only for 1.5 version ? Thks for the great job on all versions ( for Uboats I use SH3 with NYGM 3.3B and recently Living SH3)

Oops I had missed it in the original message... I have the reply, this is not for me...

SteveUK 12-31-2009 05:55 AM

Downloading now thanks for all your hard work getting this out guys :salute:

Nit 12-31-2009 08:16 AM

CRC failed... :wah:

Fish40 12-31-2009 08:35 AM

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :rock:Gonna D/L Now!

Djanico 12-31-2009 09:37 AM

Same deal, lot of file corruption when i try to extract the RAR :cry:

Fish40 12-31-2009 10:16 AM

Houston, we have a problem! Same as the others while extracting!:wah:

Hydra 12-31-2009 10:50 AM


ivanDurak 12-31-2009 10:53 AM

same ****:damn:

HMCS 12-31-2009 10:59 AM


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