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biosthetique 06-16-2015 11:11 AM

"Distance is not a Range" is finally out.
For those who asked in the past, my second gunnery guide is out. It is called "Distance is not a Range" and it is about Soviet WWII Tank Simulation this time.

This book is the second guide I have written. The first one is called "Gunnery Reference Manual #1" and was about WWII German Tiger simulator and how to use their Gun sight.

This one is about WWII Soviet armor simulator gun sights and covers 20 different tanks. Unlike Germany or the US, the Soviets during WWII had many different gun sights, all based on the Stadia metric system. The second guide "Distance is not a Range" is the explanation of the stadia metric system, how to apply that system to Soviet sight successfully to increase the accuracy of each shots, to reach an average of one shot one hit instead of 3 shots one hit, in SP & MP confrontations.

This book represent a year of full time labor of research, writing and drawing. I am happy it is finally published.

For a more complete review, you can also Google it, where parts of the book and some Stadia Metric Tables are reproduced.


Links for the cover/teaser:

Download Link:

Direct Link:


woofiedog 11-27-2015 01:17 PM

Have a copy and this is a well written and researched book. And "Distance is not a Range" has the diagrams and information you will need to give yourself the tank sight skills need to become a tank sim hunting "Ace".

Not only will it improve your tank sight skills, but it is a good reader also. :D

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