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Polak 02-04-2017 09:11 AM

Insane VR coop play test from a different sub game
Okay, so I'll admit that I don't know who's developing this VR game/demo but it looks incredibile. I believe that there's a very big potential for a VR subsim and maybe wolfpack 2 could be a VR game when the technology has matured some more. ;)

Video can be found here

I'll bet my right leg that this has already been posted here on and that the dev for sure lurks around here too. :)

Gotmilk 02-06-2017 06:24 AM

He sure does. Been part of this fantastic community almost 10 years.

Oh boy. Came here to check out dev updates for Wolfpack and finding someone posted my game here.

VR is not mature enough at the moment but this is a longer term investment. It has already taken us 3.5 years to recreate the entire sub almost 1:1 detail. Obviously overkill for a screen type game but much needed for VR since the space must feel believable.

I am a big fan of Wolfpack. I can relate how crazy/risky the entire idea is since submarines are a niche industry. Hopefully both our games turn out to be successful. Subsim community needs new content :)

Onkel Neal 02-06-2017 07:09 AM

That's an amazing start, really looks good. :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up: Keep up the good work, there's always room for another great subsim.

Polak 02-06-2017 05:28 PM

I will for sure support and buy both games! :)

I agree with you that VR still needs some time to grow and improve, but I have a feeling that your long-term investment will pay off.

By the way, can I follow your project somewhere except your youtube channel? I would really like to learn more about what you have going on since I am big fan of VR and subsim's.

Gotmilk 02-08-2017 04:22 AM

Thank you guys. Love how this community works. Subsim was created 20 years ago in order to keep players updated with all kinds of naval games. Sadly submarine simulations have died and now we slowly start to see a new generation of people who are making their own submarine games. Many of them grew up with Subsim.

We have a temp facebook page up but none of us have currently any time to work it on.
Feel free to join, you would be the first member :)
We will start posting updates there in a near future.

Polak 02-08-2017 06:01 PM

I am a follower as of today! :)

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