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rokvam 08-11-2018 08:01 AM

What does the 1.5 patch fix?
I know the 1.5 patch is actually the addon German submarine version, but I have been wondering, does this addon come with fixes for the original SH4 too?

propbeanie 08-11-2018 12:20 PM

I can't find the old thread for it here (was I dreaming??), but I do have the ReadMe on my computer:
The most notable changes are:

1. German campaigns are now accesible through the main menu button "U-boat campaign". To play a career with the US Silent Service, use the new "American Career" button. The included campaign focuses on German operations in the Indian Ocean and nearby areas.
2. When commanding a German u-boat it is possible to enable the Kriegsmarine Grid Quadrant Overlay over the Navigation map.
3. The Submarine upgrade system and screen has been improved
4. Improved crew management system
5. New player and crew abilities available via crew management system
6. New Type IX D2 Long range U-boot
7. New Type XVIII Walther U-boat with unique propulsion system
8. Player has been given limited control over allied units (naval and air), depending on his current rank.
9. Game loading time has been greatly reduced though dynamic loading.
10. Maximum render distance increased to 20 km
11.Water rendering improvements
12.New warships
-Graf Spee Pocket Battleship
-Black Swan Class Sloop
-River Class Frigate - with a correct 3d model this time
-J Class Destroyer
-V&W Destroyer
-Flower Class Corvette
-Fiji class light cruiser
13.New Merchant Ships
-Hog Island type A Freighter
-Charlotte Schliemann supply ship
-California Express Passenger Freighter
-War Melody
-Paula medium tanker
14.New Aircraft
-Sunderland Patrol Plane
-Beaufighter fighter bomber
15.Added more Generic unit types improving campaign editing and unit appearance control. Iowa and Yamato are now "Super Battleship" class and won't spawn as "Generic Battleship".

A few of those say the same thing as the v1.4 update did... :hmmm:

If it helps, great. If not, I''m sure someone will remember more :salute:

rokvam 08-11-2018 12:47 PM

Thx for the info... Just re-discovered this title, and was considering buying the German expansion pack, and was curious if it fixed/improved anything in the USN version...

propbeanie 08-11-2018 01:12 PM

The biggest thing is the dynamic loading of the layers.

9. Game loading time has been greatly reduced though dynamic loading.
Every "asset" in the game is tracked in a database instead of having it all 3D-drawn and moving. Since you only need a portion of the "world" at any given time, less of a "footprint" in your computer at any given time.

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