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Killerfish Games 03-03-2017 05:40 PM

Cold Waters Update: Narwhal
We just finished importing the new and improved ship models into the game and we're pleased to announce that the Narwhal class has made it in as an additional playable submarine. This brings the final list of playable submarines to:

Permit (Thresher)
Los Angeles

Here's a few screenshots of the Narwhal cruising the icy north.

ikalugin 03-03-2017 06:03 PM

Looks shiny. Can't wait for the Soviet campaighn.

FPSchazly 03-03-2017 06:47 PM

Wow, the Narwhal looks like quite the capable boat from its Wikipedia page! So, what's to make people play as something other than the Narwhal all the time?

the one below 03-03-2017 07:13 PM

Looking great guys! Can't wait to play!

zachanscom 03-04-2017 01:07 AM

looking real nice. love those icebergs. but subs look kinda polygonal near the top, should it be flat like that?

Oberon 03-08-2017 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by zachanscom (Post 2470178)
looking real nice. love those icebergs. but subs look kinda polygonal near the top, should it be flat like that?

You mean on the deck? That's normal, it's easier for the crew to walk on for one thing. You can just about make it out in this pic:

zachanscom 03-08-2017 01:09 AM

oh i see, i guess there should be smoothing group on that edge? looks too sharp is all.

Nippelspanner 03-08-2017 10:02 AM

Getting really interested in this game, will most likely get it.
Keep it up!

qiaoyech 03-15-2017 10:34 PM

Good work mate! Can't wait getting my hands on this!:Kaleun_Salute:

zachanscom 03-18-2017 07:54 PM

what about translucent water and 3d water deformation around geometry for local objects like the game spin tires: from the testing phase. the final version looks a lot better with correct foam texture, splash particles, etc

Hawk66 03-24-2017 12:15 PM

I really love that scenery with the icebergs :up:

Hawk66 04-01-2017 08:23 AM

by the way, is 3D the main view or is it also possible that you can put the tactical (map) view as it + make usage of several sub-views (sonar conditions etc., weapon control) like in RedStormRising?

Julhelm 04-01-2017 02:56 PM

The 3D is the main view, but you can maximize the tactical map and perform most tasks from there.

The HUD layout is persistent so regardless of if you are in 3D or in the map, you still have access to SVP display, narrowband/sonar comparison, stores and damage control.

It is however more immersive to play in the 3D view once you get used to the idea of being the sub instead of being in the sub.

Hawk66 04-02-2017 03:03 AM


I'd have a feature request :), even if it does not make it in the release version.

The manual of RedStormRising mentions that it could occur that there would be the chance that in a tactical battle also other NATO submarines are present (like that scene in Clancy's novel in the Norwegian sea).

I have the suspicion that this was never implemented, since I played that game like hell and had never such a situation. But it would enhance the game play...not only concerning the atmosphere but also that you cannot assume that all contacts are hostiles...

RushTheBus 04-02-2017 08:10 AM

They've said that all NATO assets are abstracted on the campaign map but won't see them in the 3D world. That undertaking is a very tall order, especially considering how close to release they are. It has been mentioned that there is great potential for a variety of post release content (soviet campaign, other US subs and even other NATO countries).

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