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File Name: Natural Sinking Mechanics 4.0 (6.83 MB) Download
Author: WernerSobe (Uploaded by Rockin Robbins)
Date Added: 08-22-2009
Downloads: 2135
Grade: A+
From Werner's .pdf documentation:

There are two separate mods in the .7z file: NSM Lite and NSM Classic. NSM Lite is the wimpy version that lets the targets sink pretty quickly and more arcadey. Of course, it's still better than the stock 30 second explosions and sinkings.

But my favorite is NSM Classic. Flooding is almost the only thing to be able to sink a target now and it can take a long time if you haven't put enough holes in it. Repeat torpedo hits to the same spot do next to nothing to make the target sink faster. You must distribute your hits along the length of the target to sink it.

Undesirable side effects include a maddening occasional pillar of smoke, connected to nothing and which follows your sub all around the ocean, whether you ave surfaced or submerged. It is not known whether this contributes to being sighted by enemy warships. I doubt it.

Since NSM was produced and SH4UBM was published, several new targets have been introduced that are not covered by NSM. The game will not crash as a result. These types merely sink in the stock manner.

Also, Werner lost his mojo and introduced a keelshot arcade effect, where if you explode a magnetic pistol torpedo under the keel you'll split the target in half and sink it with one torpedo every time. It's quite comical. Just don't do it. What a shame that Werner bowed to public pressure to compromise a really great mod!

Modders: Your vision, your mod, your way. When you start to compromise because of what someone else wants that you don't like, you have confused yourself as to what your mod really is. Your mod jumps the shark and goes for a swim in the ocean of mediocrity, never to be seen again.

Of conspicuous exception is TMO, which was seriously mucked up until Ducimus realized he wasn't modding for his vision any more, but was just screwing it up to conform to other people's visions. He's fixed that.

Just don't use the magnetic pistol keelshot and this is a very good mod. If you get the smoke, save and restart your game.
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01-15-2013 at 07:13 PM
08-18-2013 at 07:14 PM
Works with 1.5, it just cannot be used in the german campaign as the mod does not modify allied ships. I have never seen the infamous "smoke column" when using it.
12-17-2013 at 09:04 AM
Keelshot kills are accurate. Read "Destroyer Operations in World War Two" sometime. A keelshot is an instant kill for almost all ships.

Great mod.
01-31-2014 at 12:49 AM
Best Mod ever!
10-19-2014 at 07:12 AM
so if i get it right this works even with playble ships having working damage model am i right?

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