The Trotter Blotter

26 April
Last month, I posted an A.P.B. about my missing friend, the distinguished American composer Russell Peck, who had gone missing on March 1, 2009.
Five days later, Russell's body was found, in a secluded patch of woods only 500 yards from his own front door (the search for him had concentrated on an area in the opposite direction (for entirely logical reasons).

He had died by his own hand, leaving no note, no explanation, no message that would bring any solace to his devastated family or his deeply concerned friends. I shall spare you the details, which did not get into the papers -- rightfully so, for he had chosen a gruesome means of making his exit.

It's been a week since the horrible truth was learned, and I have still not been able to get a decent night's sleep for the nightmares, or regain any forward momentum in my own life. I wish to thank those who have sent messages of concern and sympathy.

There is good news concerning my own career, but it will have to wait. This posting belongs to Russell's memory, and I can do nothing more than post his official obituary, which -- if you will but read it -- will show what a remarkable man he was and how much he had accomplished in his life.

>>>>>>>>> THE OBITUARY <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

RUSSELL JAMES PECK, 64, departed this life on Sunday, March 1, 2009.

Memorial services will be held at 10 a.m. Sunday, March 19, at St. Francis Episcopal Church, 3505 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro. Interment will follow in the St. Francis Memorial Gardens.

Russell, a noted composer, dedicated humanitarian, loving husband and father, as born in Detroit, Michigan on January 25, 1945, to the late Margaret and Tom Peck. He was an honors graduate of the University of Michigan, where he also received Masters and Doctorate degrees in musical composition. A very influential person in his musical life was his first composition teacher, Clark Eastham, who introduced him to the magnificence of the symphony orchestra and the inner workings of musical composition. Russell served as composer-in-residence with the city of Indianapolis where he met his wife, Cameron Gordon Peck, then a music student at Butler University. They relocated to Greensboro in 1977.

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