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21 January 2018

Wartime successes of US submarines

Damaged Navy destroyer to arrive at Mississippi shipyard for repairs

Growing Submarine Threat in the Black Sea

20 January 2018

Could the US Navy Destroy North Korea?

China 'warns off' US destroyer near South China Sea's strategic Scarborough Shoalnull

Kitsap Navy bases prepare for government shutdownnull

19 January 2018

Palace confident Bong Go can stand ground in Senate inquirynull

Russia gets rid of world's most powerful nuclear submarinesnull

18 January 2018

Type III uniform rolled out to all Navy regions

How do you land a plane on a Navy ship in 1911? Carefullynull

Surface Navy boss officially steps down, new leadership at the helmnull

17 January 2018

US Navy collisions: Ex-commanders charged with negligent homicide

Robot, possible divers to probe sunken Iranian tankernull

British Navy submarine Audacious completes first divenull

16 January 2018

The Navy Is Getting Ready for Amphibious Warnull

Navy wants to change training to make maintainers more self sufficientnull

15 January 2018

Here's Who Would Win Between Nazi Germany's Bismarck and the Navy's Last Battleshipnull

China Sent Nuclear Missile Attack Submarine to Disputed Islands, Japan Saysnull

Argentina missing sub: Congress commission to investigatenull

14 January 2018

Nuclear submarines left to rot at Devonport for nearly 30 yearsnull

The Royal Navy updated a famous WWII propaganda poster to warn its sailors about tweetingnull

13 January 2018

Egyptian navy fatally shoots Palestinian fisherman at seanull

How Just One Simple Human Error Almost Destroyed a Missile Submarinenull

12 January 2018

Russia's nuclear underwater drone is real and in the Nuclear Posture Reviewnull

Navy Wants FY 2018 Amphib to be First-in-Class LX(R), Not a 14th LPDnull

Navy gets savvy with contracting rules to avoid maintenance problems due to CRnull

11 January 2018

India $2.9 Billion Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine Flooded And Almost Sank After Someone Left The Hatch Opennull

Japan Protests to China After Ships Approach Disputed Islandsnull

10 January 2018

British Royal Navy's HMS Westminster escorts Russian ships

India's nuclear submarine base gets a big boost—thanks to Narendra Modi govtnull

Will the Navy's New Missile Submarine Become the Next 'F-35'? (In a Bad Way)null

09 January 2018

How the US Navy Is Turning Sci-Fi Warfare into Realitynull

US Navy Destroyer Arrives in Ukraine Amid Rift With Russianull

Russia Never Recovered 4 'Nuclear Torpedoes' from a Dead Submarinenull

How Just One Simple Design Error Sank an American Nuclear Attack Submarinenull

08 January 2018

Bad News for 'Make in India' and Navy as Modi Government Scraps Minesweeper Projectnull

A Copenhagen killing: the story behind the submarine murdernull

07 January 2018

US Navy Expects Its Carrier Onboard Delivery Ospreys to be Fully Operational By 2024

A Copenhagen killing: the story behind the submarine murder

Everything You Wanted to Know About Food on a US Submarine

06 January 2018

Skipjack: The Super Nuclear Submarine Russia and China Feared

Diver discovers Royal Navy submarine graveyard off Tabarka, Tunisia

This Russian Submarine Is Called the "Black Hole" For One Terrifying Reason

05 January 2018

Poland expects submarine selection to be made this month

The Navy Needs More Nuclear Attack Submarines (And Congress Is Coming to the Rescue)

USS Bremerton Sails for Asian Hot Spots on Last Patrol

04 January 2018

JBPHH flies First Navy Jack in 2018 honoring Fitzgerald, McCain

Shortfin Barracuda submarines the wrong defence choice

2018 Forecast: Can the Navy Say No?

03 January 2018

Missing Argentine Submarine Latest: 'New Objects' Discovered In ARA San Juan Search

Chinese navy trains more fighter pilots for expanded aircraft carrier fleet

FY 2019 Navy Budget Request Will Include More Shipbuilding, Life Extensions to Help Grow Fleet

02 January 2018

Who Watches the Watchers in the US Navy?

JBPHH flies First Navy Jack in 2018 honoring Fitzgerald, McCain

An AI-Powered Network Could Save the US Navy Billions of Dollars

01 January 2018

There's a 'submarine trend' in the tech world, and it's affecting nearly every company you know

Home-grown aircraft carrier tops list of major additions to China's navy in 2017

The Unique Way the Navy Performs Burials Under the Sea