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17 November 2017

Canadian Forces Track Russian Subs as New Cold War Brews Under the Atlantic

How Russia, Iran and China Could 'Sink' America's Nuclear Submarines

Images suggest North Korea 'aggressive' work on ballistic missile submarine

16 November 2017

Russia's Newest Nuclear Missile Submarine Set to Be Unveiled
Russian sub

Russia's Monster Sub Could Kill 200 Targets with Nuclear Weapons

There Is Only One Way America's Nuclear Stealth Submarines Could Be Made Obsolete

15 November 2017

The aircraft carrier show of force near North Korea during Trump's Asia trip cost the US Navy big time

Hunt on for WWI Australian Submarine

Madsen to face charges next month over journalist's submarine death

14 November 2017

USS Kentucky: Tour aboard America's $2 billion nuclear submarine

Formal charges against Danish sub inventor due in December

A Manufactured India-Russia Submarine Controversy?

13 November 2017

3 US Navy aircraft carriers operate off Korean Peninsula

A local man recently tried to sell a Russian submarine in Lake Conroe, but is it just Houston's Nessie?

Russian anti-submarine destroyer cruises through English Channel

12 November 2017

British team, not the Americans, visited India's Russian nuclear submarine

The US Navy's Ultimate Weapon: Hypersonic Missiles Fired from a Submarine

North Korea Threat Likely To Spur Big Increase In Spending On Navy's Aegis Missile Shield

11 November 2017

A soldier at sea: Great appreciation for America's Navy

Is Russia's Submarine Force Dying a Slow Death?

New Secretary of the Navy takes first look at Ingalls Shipbuilding

10 November 2017

India Wants Second Nuclear Submarine From Russia. Lies By Lobbyists Erupt
Russian sub

Japan Just Might Have the World's Best (Non-Nuclear) Stealth Submarine

This Old American Nuclear Attack Submarine Could Still Take on Russia or China's Best

09 November 2017

US Navy to run rare 3-carrier military exercise in Pacific

Navy Trims New Missile Sub Cost to $7.2B, But Struggles to Keep Existing Subs Operational

Navy to carry out daily raids on illegal refineries

08 November 2017

Navy Tests Hypersonic Weapons That Could Hit Anywhere on Earth in an Hour
Navy hypersonic weapon

Over 60 admirals, hundreds of Navy officers under scrutiny for scandal involving alcohol, prostitutes

Salvaged submarine triggered fresh disaster

07 November 2017

US Navy's New Class of Ballistic Missile Subs on Schedule

Navy ship will bear name of Omaha Marine killed in Vietnam War

“Fat Leonard,” the Navy bribery scandal involving more than 60 admirals, explained

06 November 2017

US, Australia and South Korea hold joint Navy drills

Netanyahu: Iran Seeks to Send Its Submarines to Syria's Mediterranean Ports

Albacore Park to install memorial for lost submarine

05 November 2017

Navy Sailor Hit by In-Tow Aircraft Aboard USS Carl Vinson

Navy Calls Deadly Crashes 'Preventable'

Kolpino submarine attack Islamic State militants in Syria

04 November 2017

Polish explorers find long-lost WW2 submarine HMS Narwhal
HMS Narwhal

Found 77 years on.. the icy tomb of unknown British submarine with 58 seamen on board

From the K-class to the party boat, submarines have a history of disaster

03 November 2017

Lockheed Martin to design giant robot sub for US Navy

Navy Committed to Correcting Mistakes that Led to Collisions, Deaths

Navy chips away at Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine cost

Russian submarine destroys ISIS post in Syria

02 November 2017

Navy Says Deadly Ship Collisions Were 'Avoidable,' Faults Lack Of Preparation

Danish police make correction over submarine owner Madsen's story

Royal Navy ships 'cannibalised for parts', report finds

01 November 2017

Navy's Women War-Fighters Hunt For Chinese Submarines In Indian Ocean

Commander at centre of submarine sex scandal also involved in £3m crash of another vessel

North Korean hackers accused of stealing classified blueprints of submarine weapon systems