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20 October 2017

Boeing Might Include Stealthy Features on Overhauled US Navy Super Hornets

North Korea is Building a Bigger, Better Missile Submarine

Russian Forces in Pacific Drill Bomb 'Enemy' Submarine

19 October 2017

Royal Navy May Sacrifice Its Last Amphibious Ships to Pay For Its New Carriers

US Could Block-Buy Aircraft Carriers, Says Navy Secretary

German submarine U35 damages X-rudder off Norway

Questions surround Australia's new submarine fleet's ultra-stealth propulsion technology

18 October 2017

This is the massive US nuclear submarine that just arrived off the Korean Peninsula

The US Navy Has a New Way to Kill Enemy Submarines and Mines

Surge in Wake of Ship Collisions Tests Navy's New Deployment Plan

17 October 2017

Retailer joins effort to turn South Carolina submarine into an artificial reef

The U.S. Navy Just Parked a Guided-Missile Submarine Right Near North Korea

As North Korea threat looms, US Navy tests ballistic missile shootdown capability

16 October 2017

The brilliant reason why Plymouth submarines fly the Jolly Roger

Indian Navy inducts newest anti-submarine warfare corvette

Tall ship Oliver Hazard Perry runs aground in Newport

15 October 2017

A bigger nuclear submarine is coming (India)
Indian nuclear submarine

Female navy officer 'wore captain's uniform' in Trident submarine 'sex scandal'

USS South Dakota Submarine Christened In Groton

14 October 2017

How The Soviet Akula Changed Submarine Warfare

See how US Navy destroyers have changed and evolved through the years

Female officer removed from nuclear submarine HMS Vigilant after 'having sex'

13 October 2017

The US Navy Could Attack North Korea from Stealth Submarines (With Almost No Warning)

USS John S. McCain commanding officer, executive officer relieved | Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet

The Navy's First Carrier-Launched Drone Will Be a Flying Gas Tank

12 October 2017

US Navy destroyer angers China by sailing near disputed islands

Australia jet and navy data stolen in 'extensive' hack

Saw found in Denmark could be linked to submarine case

11 October 2017

US nuke-powered submarine arrives at S.Korea last week

South Korea to equip KSS-3 class with indigenous submarine combat system

US Navy Commissions New Nuclear Attack Submarine

10 October 2017

South Korea approves use of locally developed submarine combat system on KSS-3 class

2 Australian navy ships on goodwill visit to Philippines

The Navy Is Set to Retire Half of Its Biggest Surface Combatants

Deep aspirations: Examining Indonesia's submarine program

09 October 2017

Five officers on nuclear submarine threaten to quit over alleged love affairs among crew

Group seeks to name Navy ship for Iwo Jima photographer

American flag carried across South Dakota in honor of new submarine

08 October 2017

Fleet Week draws hordes of visitors to Navy ships, air show

07 October 2017

Police: Divers find head, legs of missing journalist Kim Wall
Kim Wall truth

Russia's Navy Has One Big Advantage Over America: Battlecruisers

Submarine Washington ready for commissioning

06 October 2017

Royal Navy could lose 'fight on beaches' ships in planned cuts
royal navy

British Royal Navy ships that do Her Majesty proud

India's nuclear-powered submarine damaged in accident, says report

05 October 2017

How high-tech Navy went off course on basic seamanship skills

Young crew knows ins and outs of newest submarine

Australia's Government Under Attack Over Submarine Deal

04 October 2017

New findings in Denmark submarine investigation: Kim Wall was stabbed 'several times'

Navy identifies 2 pilots killed in Sunday plane crash

Danish submarine owner charged in journalist's death kept torture, killing videos

03 October 2017

UK Nuclear submarine captain relieved of command
  sub commander gets canned

US-Japan-Australia Trilateral Gets Boost with First Submarine Drills

Navy confirms 2 dead as training plane crashes in Tennessee

02 October 2017

Navy Just Took Delivery Of Most Powerful Nuclear Attack Sub Ever

Royal Navy probe launched into 'inappropriate relationship' on board nuclear sub

North Korea ship seized with huge weapons cargo en route to Egypt amid WW3 fears

01 October 2017

South Korea Is about to Make a $7 Billion Nuclear Submarine Blunder

US Navy & Xbox: Why Use a $38k Joystick When You Can Use a $30 Controller?

Erie woman earns Navy chief petty officer promotion