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21 August 2017

Kim Wall died in accident on submarine UC-3 Nautlius, Peter Madsen says

Stricken US destroyer arrives in Singapore after collision, 10 sailors missing

US Navy says 10 sailors are missing, five injured after USS John S. McCain collided with merchant ship

20 August 2017

Kim Wall & Peter Madsen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Book explains how US Navy got started

Russia's Kiev-class Carrier: Submarine and Carrier Killer?

19 August 2017

US Navy, citing poor seamanship, removes commanders of warship in deadly crash

Coast Guard divers return to Arctic, with assist from Navy

Inside the USS Jimmy Carter: America's Most Secret Attack Sub

18 August 2017

Russia's nuclear submarine successfully fires missile

The US Navy is getting a 'game-changing' upgrade that could turn the tables on China and Russia

Missing woman's family in Denmark submarine case fears worst

17 August 2017

Global Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) Systems for Submarines Market (2017-2026)

Navy Turning Civilian Support Vessel Into Warship in Middle East

Russia's 'Mini Red October' Subs Will Lack Advanced Propulsion System

16 August 2017

Navy to commission Scorpene-class submarine INS Kalvari this month

The US Navy Used Super Deep Diving Submarines to Tap Russia's Communications

The US Military Has Submarines That Could Kill Entire Countries (Like North Korea)

15 August 2017

Iranian drone approaches Navy aircraft carrier in second dangerous encounter in a week

Future C2 system key to drones flying off Navy carriers

Swedes Help Danes in Submarine Case With Missing Woman

14 August 2017

Submarine in missing journalist case sunk on purpose, Danish police say

Satellite photos reveal Kim's submarine plot

Submariner recalls service with United States Navy

13 August 2017

No body in sunken Danish sub, reporter still missing

US Navy pilot ejects in crash landing in Bahrain, officials say

Relatives Of Kursk Submarine Sailors Mark 17th Anniversary Of Disaster

12 August 2017

Danish submarine owner arrested over missing journalist

China told a US Navy destroyer 10 times to leave the South China Sea but it didn't back down

On this day: The Kursk submarine disaster happened

11 August 2017

Private submarine sinks in Denmark, pilot safe

Candidate to be first female Navy SEAL officer quits after a week

Navy jet crashes off Key West; pilot rescued

A Dead North Korean Submarine Almost Started a War

10 August 2017

Russia's new diesel-electric submarine arrives at home port Sevastopol

US Navy wants to use drones and AI to quickly repair airfields

Navy fighter aircraft crashes near Key West

09 August 2017

Iranian drone flew within 100 feet of US Navy fighter in a Gulf incident described as 'unsafe'

Navy increasing orders lead times

India to Commission Advanced Attack Submarine This Month

08 August 2017

Up to 1,100 chiefs face involuntary return to sea duty

South Korea Can Build Some Amazing Attack Submarines

Missing Marines declared dead after Australian Navy finds aircraft

07 August 2017

Australian Navy locates missing US aircraft

Rescue Submarine Refurbished After Kursk Tragedy

Why Russia's Once Superpower Navy Is in Big Trouble

06 August 2017

Australia sends navy ships, divers after aircraft crash, three US Marines missing

F-35B Pilots Will Make Rolling Landings Like This To Board Royal Navy Carriers

Why the US Navy Stopped Building the 'F-22 Raptor' of Submarines

05 August 2017

US Navy IDs officer missing at sea

A Grim Future For Russia's Nuclear Sub Fleet

Indian Navy wants Russian MiG-29K jets to be 'ruggedized'

04 August 2017

Race to Renew India Submarine Force Amid Rising China Threat

US Special Forces can't be produced quickly, says fmr. Navy SEAL O'Neill

S. Korean president visits submarine force command during leave

03 August 2017

Chinese Navy aiding US, Japan in search for missing American sailor

US Navy Stealthy Special Operations Boats Are Zooming Around the Middle East

Hampton Roads Navy bases receive 6 bomb threats Wednesday

02 August 2017

Navy: Base back to normal after unfounded sighting of diver

Navy planning to bring back at-sea missile reload capability

Destroyer sailor missing, presumed overboard in the South China Sea

01 August 2017

Navy Plans Massive Acceleration in Adding New Attack Submarines

The US Military Has Detected 'Highly Unusual' North Korean Submarine Activity

North Korea Wants to Launch Missiles From Sea Amid 'Unprecedented' Submarine Activity